History & Future

Looking Back at EGGI Though the Years

Developed & Improved State-of-the-Art Groundwater Exploration Program

Since the late 1980’s, EGGI’s senior team members have developed and continually improved a systematic, scientific process of groundwater exploration. The innovative program integrates satellite imagery, high and low altitude aerial photography, digital elevation models, geologic mapping, regional analyses of structural geology, on-site bedrock fracture fabric data, and the modification and use of geophysical methods developed initially for the search of minerals, petroleum and other of earth’s natural resources.

Using these techniques, we helped advance the process of exploration and development of high-yielding water wells in fractured crystalline bedrock, and we significantly improved traditional methods of groundwater exploration in karst, alluvial, glacial and coastal plain geologic settings.

Early Commitment to Advancing the Science

In 1989, Jamie Emery and Peter Garrett led a small group of scientists to form EGGI, pledging that we would remain a groundwater technical services firm only. We also committed to focusing on advancing the scientific methods which would enhance our ability to meet clients’ water supply needs.

By prioritizing the science, we believed we would position ourselves to achieve levels of success others could not.

Prioritized Ability to Meet Our Clients’ Water Supply Needs

From the start, we put forth the best possible effort we could for each client, even when it meant losing money on a project. We were confident we would learn from our mistakes, and believed that, ultimately, our performance would secure EGGI’s success. Choosing to forego a company logo, brochure, website (at least until a few years ago), and marketing staff, we maintained that by consistently succeeding on complex groundwater resource projects, and meeting our clients’ needs, word of mouth and referrals would generate required new business.

Recruited World Class Team & Invested in Cutting Edge Technology

We prioritized recruiting a world class, interdisciplinary team of high-character scientists and support staff who shared our commitment to professional excellence and our corporate philosophy to always serve our clients to the best ability we could. We also invested significantly in cutting edge groundwater exploration science and technology, including purchasing the most advanced geophysical equipment available.  

Unique Approach Generated Unmatched Results

We are confident in the approach we have taken, and pleased that our efforts have been both productive and successful. Over 26 years since our founding, we are widely recognized for our scientific leadership and do not know of a single client that would choose another groundwater services firm after having worked with us. Our numerous proprietary groundwater exploration tools and methods – which we have developed while applying and refining our groundwater exploration program over the last two and a half decades – have continually proven instrumental to discovering new groundwater resources where others have not been able to do so.

EGGI Is Uniquely Positioned To Lead the Way

Renewable Groundwater Resources – Key to Meeting Future Water Supply Needs

High-capacity, high-quality groundwater supplies represent one of the primary scarce natural resources of the 21st Century. As demands for sustainable groundwater resources continue to increase, the ability to identify and develop previously undiscovered groundwater supplies will become ever more important and valuable.  

Identifying and developing new groundwater resources within traditionally overlooked and underutilized complex hydrogeologic settings will play an increasingly key role in meeting future water resources needs globally.

EGGI Is Uniquely Positioned To Lead the Way

Given our history, we believe EGGI is uniquely positioned to help lead the charge in navigating this future. We remain committed to expanding our leadership in applying state-of-the-art groundwater exploration science, and are convinced that our proven exploration program will comprise the foundation for critical efforts aimed at discovering new groundwater supplies in areas where they can benefit society, the environment and private enterprise most.

New Turnkey Project Offering Continues Our History of Innovation

Additionally, in response to increased funding challenges and unmet market demands, EGGI recently gained the ability to offer its groundwater services at zero up-front cost or risk to clients across a wide range of markets. The ability to provide turnkey projects, for the first time in our history, expands the numbers of customers able to benefit from our capabilities. We believe this unique approach to groundwater resource development is another way EGGI will help advance innovation within the industry.

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“Data and research provide the underpinning for sound local water management decision-making that advances the well-being of the nation’s citizens, economy, and environment.”

- National Ground Water Association