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Highly Respected Groundwater Experts

EGGI is considered to be one of the most respected and sought after groundwater experts in the Eastern United States, having successfully completed over 1,500 groundwater investigations and developed over 100 million gallons per day of fresh, sustainable drinking water. Our success is based on our ability to consistently locate high-yielding, sustainable groundwater wells within complex and typically low-yielding terrains. We have identified, developed and permitted new supplies – within such complex terrains – for a wide variety of municipal utilities, public water authorities, hospitals, universities, Fortune 500 companies, counties, states and Federal Agencies.

To our knowledge, no other firm has conducted more successful groundwater exploration and development programs in crystalline and sedimentary rocks, limestone regions, and unconsolidated deposits.

EGGI is a Highly Specialized, Very Unique Firm with Unrivaled Technical Expertise

Highly Specialized, Very Unique Firm

Unlike the majority of organizations that perform groundwater services globally, we are not an ‘engineering’, ‘general environmental services’, or ‘drilling’ company. Instead, as our name implies, we are strictly a technical groundwater services company.

Since our founding in 1989, our entire corporate focus has been on the exploration, development, protection, sustainable management, and enhancement of renewable groundwater resources across a wide variety of complex hydrogeologic settings.

Unrivaled Technical Expertise

We have earned a reputation in the groundwater industry for unraveling very complex hydrogeological problems and providing clear, scientifically-based solutions.

100% of our most senior technical staff has worked together as a team on groundwater exploration programs for the past 25+ years, providing over 200 combined years of groundwater exploration experience amongst us. Our professional staff is highly educated and trained in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology, groundwater modeling, remote sensing, and groundwater hydrogeology, with most maintaining Masters or Ph.D. degrees in their respective scientific disciplines.

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Our Mission

Existing and prior clients have become our best professional references. We are not aware of any that would choose another technical groundwater services firm after working with us. This has always been, and continues to be, Our Mission.

We currently work with dozens of water utilities and others who have contracted us for 15 or more consecutive years. And we regularly receive letters from clients stating how pleased they are with our work.  

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New Groundwater Discoveries

We routinely succeed where other ‘experts’ have failed, and we have developed the highest yielding wells on record in many of the regions where we have conducted exploration programs.

In approximately 90% of the cases where exploration programs have been fully pursued, we have successfully developed groundwater resources sufficient to satisfy our clients’ water supply needs.  In over 80% of these cases we have actively discovered and developed renewable groundwater supplies from previously unknown or undocumented aquifers.

Sustainable Solutions

We routinely secure new permits from the applicable regulatory agencies by providing scientific evidence that our withdrawal rates are sustainable, and that the natural resources of the area proximal to the developed sources can be adequately protected and preserved for future generations.

EGGI is a Highly Specialized, Very Unique Firm with Unrivaled Technical Expertise

Professional Recognition

Our promotion of sound scientific solutions to complex groundwater projects and water resource protection has resulted in local, state, and national recognition for excellence. A partial list of this recognition includes:

  • The EPA, the USGS, and the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE) have each recognized us for providing pioneering technical leadership in the field of exploration and development of groundwater resources from fractured bedrock aquifers, and as a leader in groundwater protection for public water supplies.
  • In 2011, we authored a Groundwater Protection Ordinance in the state of Virginia for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors (ACSA). Later that year, the EPA awarded the ACSA the highest and most prestigious Source Water Protection Award for the entirety of the EPA Region 3 District. 
  • Collectively, our team has published over 100 recognized scientific professional papers in these fields; many of which continue to be referenced by scientists conducting research in bedrock hydrogeology globally.

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“Data and research provide the underpinning for sound local water management decision-making that advances the well-being of the nation’s citizens, economy, and environment.”

- National Ground Water Association