Our Values

Low Impact, Sustainable Supplies

We routinely secure new permits from the applicable regulatory agencies by providing scientific evidence that our withdrawal rates are sustainable, and that the natural resources of the area proximal to the developed sources can be adequately protected and preserved for future generations.

We have been committed to only developing groundwater resources where it is clear that such withdrawals will not adversely impact existing users or the environment since our founding in 1989.

EGGI is Recognized Leader in Groundwater Protection

Recognized Leaders in Groundwater Protection

Throughout our history we have strived to ensure that groundwater policies are built upon scientifically sound information, and we have been responsible for writing and preparing numerous groundwater protection ordinances that have served to proactively protect the resources of local jurisdictions.

As evidence that out efforts have not gone unnoticed, the EPA, the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE) have each recognized us as a leader in groundwater protection for public water supplies.

Pro Bono Projects & Charity

We have successfully performed groundwater investigations on more than 40 pro bono projects for local communities, camps, youth centers, and other charitable organizations within the communities in which we operate. These projects have successfully identified, developed and protected new, sustainable groundwater supplies to support the crucial needs of these groups; in many cases, these needs would otherwise not have been met. Such pro bono projects reflect one of the small ways that we give back to our larger community.

On a state level, we have donated substantial time and materials to the New Hampshire Geological Survey over the years in order to help update the surficial geological mapping of New Hampshire.

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“Data and research provide the underpinning for sound local water management decision-making that advances the well-being of the nation’s citizens, economy, and environment.”

- National Ground Water Association