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Research in Palpa de Sacramento

A team of specialized structural geologists and hydrogeologists embark upon a critical assessment of David Johnson's Hypothesis, during the Spring and Summer of 2002.

Drs. Ken Hardcastle, Steve Mabee, and Don Wise will use highly detailed ground information provided by researchers at ETH Zurich. The goals are to conduct lineament analyses and outcrop structure mapping. These data will then be statistically compared with mapped geoglyphs (as mapped by ETH researchers). Such a comparison will provide strong evidence for or against Johnson's Hypothesis.

Our research team of geologists and archaeologists has received valuable assistance and cooperation from Dr. Markus Reindel and his colleagues, Karsten Lambers and Dr. Armin Grün, at the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich Switzerland. In Peru their colleague Johny Isla Cuadrado of the Instituto Andino de Estudios Arqueológicos is a valuable member of the team.

Our European colleagues have been conducting archaeological and photogrammetric studies which aims to produce a complete 3-D record of the geoglyphs in the areas of Nasca, Palpa and San Ignacio. They are using the latest digital photogrammetric technology and advanced visualization software. Their photogrammetric and archaeological work can be viewed on the following websites where downloadable files of recent publications are available:

These colleagues have graciously shared their data with us including their maps and digital terrain model (DTM) data, which we have found invaluable in testing Johnson's hypothesis. Our primary use of their data has been the high quality aerial photography and DTM for the preparation of base maps for our geological investigations.

This is the first attempt at testing Johnson's hypothesis outside of the area of origin, Nasca.



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