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Water Rates Set to Continue Rising

Water rates are projected to continue rising in excess of inflation given increased environmental regulation, climate volatility, growing scarcity of new sustainable supplies, and massive funding requirements to maintain aging infrastructure. Large industrial and institutional users will increasingly bear the brunt of the economic impact.

EGGI can provide New Groundwater Development for Industrial and Institutional Self-Supply

Experience Matters

EGGI has worked with many Fortune 500 industrial companies, universities, hospitals and large federal agencies to investigate and develop new groundwater resources for sustainable self-supply. There are many compelling benefits to our approach.

Reduce Water Costs

Development of on-site groundwater resources is an excellent means to reduce industrial and institutional operating costs, and is the most effective tool available to mitigate long-term water rate increases.

Increase Control Over Your Water Supply Future

Organizations that remain fully reliant on utility providers have no control over the availability of their water supply, and will continue to experience uncertainty regarding the size and timing of future rate increases.

Enhance Water Security & Insure Against Disruption

Much of the public water supply infrastructure has aged well beyond its useful life, resulting in increased frequency of utility failures. Entire regions have recently been left without public water supply for days and even weeks on end. The development of on-site groundwater resources mitigates the impact utility infrastructure failures have on industrial and institutional operations, and often offers an attractive layer of security against drought and third-party contamination.

Proactively Manage Growing External Scrutiny

Shareholders and bond investors are beginning to require stepped up evaluations of companies’ water supply costs and risks, and further disclosure on their potential impacts to operations. Companies that address these concerns proactively position themselves for more reliable operations, improved investor relations, and an overall competitive advantage.

EGGI helps Enhance Water Security & Insure Against Disruption

Improve Environmental & Social Responsibility

Self-supply through on-site groundwater development is an effective tool for improving environmental and social responsibility. Sourcing water locally at the point-of-use, and using the ‘right water’ for the ‘right need’, lowers carbon footprints by eliminating the intensive energy requirements necessary to pump supplies over long distances, and the unnecessary use of treated water for non-potable use. Additionally, demand-based justifications for the construction of new dams and other large, centralized infrastructure – which can negatively impact the environment – are also lessened.

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