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Use of Irrigation Increasing Throughout U.S. Southeast and Other New Markets

Irrigation increases the consistency, value and cash rents of agricultural operations, leading to higher values for irrigated versus non-irrigated land. While irrigation is increasingly being adopted throughout the U.S. Southeast and other new markets, groundwater resources throughout many of these regions are complex and routinely overlooked. The identification, development and permitting of new, sustainable groundwater supplies – in areas where conventional thinking may suggest the potential for groundwater irrigation is severely limited – will be an increasingly valuable tool for farmers, land-owners and land-buyers as a result.

EGGI can provide Secure Effective, Low-Cost Groundwater Irrigation Supplies

Sustainable Irrigation Solutions for a Variety of End Users

EGGI has developed hundreds of irrigation supply wells in various geologic environments along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard that provide irrigation water for agriculture, industry, subdivisions, commercial businesses, recreation sports complexes, and golf courses. There are many compelling benefits to our approach.

Secure Effective, Low-Cost Irrigation Supplies

The development and permitting of new sustainable groundwater supplies is an effective and affordable means to irrigate currently non-irrigated parcels throughout many regions, as well as to offset the purchase of more expensive treated drinking water for irrigation use. This has been a cost effective measure taken by high end golf courses, real estate ventures, and commercial entities.

Increase Land Values and Cash Rents

When properly managed, irrigation lowers risks and provides more consistent crop yields from year to year. As a result, irrigated farmland commands higher values and cash rents compared to non-irrigated parcels.

EGGI provides Sustainable Groundwater Development Supports Irrigation for Variety of End Users

Realize Valuable Step-Up Opportunities

EGGI’s Regional Groundwater Availability Assessments help proactively identify non-irrigated parcels which overlie sustainable groundwater supplies – providing farmland buyers, golf course operators, and large real estate and commercial ventures with many intrinsic value opportunities.

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