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Growing Supply Constraints

Growing water supply needs are causing many small to medium sized utilities to question their ability to meet future demands. In addition, many water utilities depend on a single source of supply and have no alternate or emergency backup water source available. The sustainable development of new groundwater supplies is often the most cost effective means to meet future demands, diversify sources, or provide sufficient supplemental water to meet peak needs.

It is prudent for public utilities to fully investigate groundwater resources prior to considering more expensive surface water supply projects.

EGGI can provide Groundwater Development for Public Drinking Water Systems

Experience Matters

EGGI has worked with many municipal utilities, public water authorities, towns, cities, counties and Federal Government Agencies to successfully identify, develop and permit new groundwater wells for public drinking water systems. There are many compelling advantages to our approach.

Secure Substantial Cost Savings

Lower storage, conveyance and treatment requirements make groundwater substantially less capital-intensive to develop, and considerably less expensive to operate, relative to surface water supplies. Once new groundwater resources are proven and permitted, the infrastructure to support them can be developed on an ‘as-needed’ basis to meet increasing demands. Infrastructure costs are defrayed until justified by actual needs.

Avoid Extensive Debt Requirements

The ability to develop groundwater infrastructure on a phased-in, as-needed basis, reduces the extensive debt service requirements typical of most surface water projects, which are frequently designed and constructed to meet future capacity needs years or even decades away from ever being realized. Clients are able to avoid rate increases while preserving bonding capacity for other important projects (including conservation measures and the reduction of existing distribution system physical water losses).

Diversify Supply Sources

Groundwater exploration and development projects minimize “single point of failure” risks associated with larger point source surface water supplies and enhance water security. Developing groundwater resources in separate and varied hydrogeologic settings increases these benefits.

Develop More Resilient Supplies

Groundwater supplies depend upon the earth's crust for water storage and are typically more drought resistant than surface water sources.

Implement and Permit Faster

Where available, groundwater resources can typically be fully developed and approved within one to two years. Surface water resources routinely take five to ten years or more to overcome environmental, political, and financing issues.

EGGI helps municipalities Develop More Resilient Supplies

Attract New Economic Development

Regional businesses and industry have become increasingly cognizant of local water resource availability and pricing, and are making key logistical and locational decisions based upon it. Developing proven, low-cost, sustainable groundwater supplies represents a key strategic asset for recruiting new businesses and boosting economic development.

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