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Growing Challenge to Secure Low-Cost, Dependable Water Supplies

As the unconventional Oil and Gas industry continues to expand, access to local, low-cost, sustainable and dependable water sources is becoming a growing challenge to Operators across many Shale Plays. Tightening regulation and increased environmental concern over protection of aquatic life and stream habitat has led to increased sourcing costs, permitting timelines, and risk of withdrawal curtailments for many surface water supplies.

As operations have scaled, the industry has begun sourcing water supplies over longer distances – trucking farther and increasing capital expenditures on water pipelines.

EGGI can help real estate developers Identify and Secure Valuable New Development Locations

New, High-Yield Sources Local to Point-of-Use

EGGI scientists are leaders in applying advanced hydrogeological exploration programs to uncover and develop new, sustainable and high-yield groundwater resources within complex geologic settings. We are actively working with large Operators to identify and source new high-yield, sustainable groundwater supplies local to the Operators’ existing centralized water infrastructure and well pads. There are numerous compelling advantages to this approach.

Secure Lowest-Cost Source

Save millions of dollars in cost on avoided hauling, transfer and new long distance water conveyance infrastructure across the entire lifecycle of well pads.

Secure Lowest-Impact Solution

Address concerns over environmental impacts to aquatic stream life due to disturbances at, and down gradient of, surface water withdrawal points. Eliminate public opposition over water supply truck traffic and the associated damage to roads and bridges.

Prevent Withdrawal Curtailments

Prevent or diminish restrictions, delays and complicated logistics due to withdrawal curtailments during low-flow stream conditions.

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