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Identify and Secure Valuable New Development Locations

EGGI’s Regional Groundwater Availability Assessments provide enhanced knowledge of where new, sustainable groundwater resources exist, allowing clients to proactively secure favorable sites for future development. Investigating on behalf of real estate developers, EGGI has successfully identified new bulk sources of sustainable groundwater in areas previously deemed not capable of providing such supplies. As land prices continue to escalate throughout many regions, the ability to target parcels overlying previously overlooked, sustainable groundwater supplies affords valuable purchase opportunities.

The result has provided clients an ability to optimize their development strategies, helping to create outsized step-ups in land value and returns on investment.

EGGI can provide Groundwater Development for Public Drinking Water Systems

Sole Source Water Supply for New Developments

EGGI has developed sustainable groundwater supplies as the sole source to meet water demands for hundreds of residential subdivisions throughout the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. EGGI works closely with clients and local regulatory agencies to ensure all supplies are fully permitted according to State and local regulations, and are capable of sustaining the potable and irrigation water needs of the development without adversely impacting the environment or other local groundwater users.

Clients Include Many Large National Real Estate Developers

EGGI has worked with many of the mid- to large-scale national real estate developers, including: Centex Homes, Toll Brothers, Lennar, Newland Communities, Pulte Homes, K. Hovnanian Homes, Van Metre Homes, and Disney Development Company... just to name a few. There are numerous compelling advantages to our approach.

Complete and Permit New Developments Faster

EGGI’s decades of experience successfully working with local regulatory agencies ensures that new groundwater supplies are developed and permitted faster than alternative new water supplies.

Secure Lowest-Cost, Self-Sufficient Supplies

Developing a Community Supply comprised of new, sustainable groundwater resources can be a highly effective marketing tool for new development projects. Avoiding the hook-up expenses and costs to construct long-distance utility connection pipelines can significantly reduce the cost of new development projects. Additionally, as public water rates continue to rise in excess of inflation, and utility companies suffer periods of disruption, the self-sufficiency afforded by private groundwater supplies will increasingly be placed at a premium by homebuyers.

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