Client project details

Pendleton Golf Course (Caroline County, VA)

The Project

EGGI was contracted by Tricord, Inc. to develop groundwater supplies to supplement surface water resources for irrigation of an 18-hole golf course in Caroline County, Virginia. The project is located on the edge of the Coastal Plain, where a thin layer of sediments overlay a complex series of bedrock formations of the Piedmont Geologic Province. Timing was critical, as construction was initiated shortly after our search for water resources began, with acres of fairways to ultimately be planted.


EGGI identified several exploratory test well targets located across the project site to test different geologic settings. EGGI drilled four test wells and converted three of the four wells to 8" productions wells. Initial airlift yields of the three production wells were: 100, 190, and 200 gallons per minute. After a detailed pumping and monitoring program, EGGI developed a groundwater management plan for the 18-hole golf course to ensure there were no adverse off-site impacts from pumping, while still allowing the use of over 560,000 gallons per day of groundwater for irrigation. The wells were placed on-line in a very short time period for grow-in, and Dan Mason (Tricord Inc. Director of Land Development) estimated they pumped at least 50 million gallons of water to aid in the initial grow in period. EGGI went on to develop an interim transient community supply well for the clubhouse, and a well to serve the golf course maintenance building.


Initial airlift yields of the three production wells were: 100, 190, and 200 gallons per minute.


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