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Groundwater Policies Must Be Based on Scientifically Sound Information

The primary goal of groundwater regulations and the groundwater withdrawal permitting process is to ensure that safe and sustainable drinking water supplies are available for public consumption and that such withdrawals do not cause adverse impacts.

EGGI strives to ensure that groundwater policies are built upon scientifically sound information.

EGGI is a Recognized Leader in Creation of Groundwater Protection Techniques

Numerous Groundwater Protection Ordinances Authored

To that end, we have been responsible for writing and preparing numerous groundwater protection ordinances that have served to protect the citizens and natural resources of local jurisdictions. This has included the development of water supply plans, drought management plans, hydrostudies for subdivisions using individual wells, and hydrostudy regulations for subdivisions using community supply wells.

Groundwater Withdrawal Permits

Establishing a sustainable groundwater resource management plan is critical to ensure that groundwater of sufficient quality and quantity is available to meet current and future water supply needs of the public. Going through a rigorous Groundwater Withdrawal Permit process is one way to effectively evaluate if proposed groundwater withdrawals will adversely impair existing groundwater users and/or the local environment (including wetlands, surface water sources, etc.).  EGGI has successfully obtained hundreds of groundwater withdrawal permits as a result of our rigorous technical investigations, data collection, and full environmental assessments.

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“Data and research provide the underpinning for sound local water management decision-making that advances the well-being of the nation’s citizens, economy, and environment.”

- National Ground Water Association