Protect Resources for Future Generations

Identifying all favorable groundwater development zones within a region, EGGI’s exploration program is a powerful tool for future land use planning and water resource protection.

Enhanced Aquifer Recharge

EGGI’s Artificial Recharge projects enhance aquifer recharge and naturally treat surface water supplies to higher quality standards.

Reduced Water Supply Costs

EGGI’s exploration and development projects help utility clients develop the most cost-effective, long-term sustainable water supplies.

New Groundwater Discoveries

EGGI's Regional Groundwater Availability Assessments routinely uncover new, high-yield sustainable groundwater supplies.

What Sets Us Apart

27 Years of Experience

We have focused exclusively on the exploration, development, sustainable management and protection of groundwater resources since 1989. Learn More

1,600 Successful Projects

We have successfully completed over 1,600 groundwater projects for a wide array of public and private clients throughout our history. Learn More

100+ MGD Developed

We have developed over 100 million gallons per day of new, sustainable groundwater supplies across a variety of complex hydrogeologic terrains. Learn More

80% New Discovery Rate

We have discovered new groundwater supplies, in previously unknown and unmapped aquifers, in over 80% of our completed exploration projects. Learn More

Highly Specialized,
Very Unique Company

Unlike the majority of organizations that perform groundwater services globally, we are not an ‘engineering’, ‘general environmental services’, or ‘drilling’ firm. Instead, as our name implies, we are strictly a technical groundwater services company.

Scientific Leadership &
Proprietary Technology

Our state-of-the-art groundwater exploration science, and proprietary tools developed in-house over 26 years, provide EGGI with unmatched technical expertise and capabilities.

Sustainable Supplies

EGGI is committed to only developing groundwater resources where it is clear that such withdrawals will not adversely impact existing users or the environment. We routinely secure new permits by providing scientific evidence that our withdrawal rates are sustainable.

Innovative Project
Finance Turnkey Capability

Continuing our tradition of driving industry innovation, EGGI now offers unique, 100% performance-based turnkey groundwater supply solutions.

Latest News

Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations, LLC Now a Division of GZA

We are excited to announce that Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations, LLC (EGGI) is now a division of GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., a multi-disciplinary firm with a broad range of services focused in the areas of geotechnical, environmental, water, ecological, and construction management services.

Operating as a division of GZA, EGGI will maintain its current leadership as well as its office in Meredith, New Hampshire.

We will continue providing consulting services to municipal utilities, public water authorities, hospitals, universities, Fortune 500 companies, developers, counties, and state and federal agencies, with additional services now available to these clients as a result of GZA’s comprehensive practice areas.

Visit to learn more about GZA.  Read the full press release.


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Client Testimonials

“Emery & Garrett has eliminated many of the myths and questions dealing with groundwater exploration and many of the biggest critics of groundwater exploration in this area are now their clients… In our opinion, there is no second choice.”

Jerome C. O’Connell, President
Intergate, Inc. | Washington, D.C.

“Thanks to your expertise and skills, we’ve saved our water source… While others in the area continue to dig wells producing poor quality water, your studies have led us to several high quality, high production sources…”

Gary W. Weaver, President
Trifam Systems, Inc. | Oakton, VA

“Never in my twenty plus years (as a County Administrator) have I had the pleasure of being responsible for a contract that was accomplished in such professional, conscientious and timely manner.”

Richard E. McNear, Deputy County Administrator of Planning
Board of Supervisors | Fauquier County, VA

“EGGI has been relentless in developing solutions to hydrogeological and conservation problems which require advanced or innovative applications of geologic principles… In my opinion, their work performance is exceptional and their dedication to excellence is noteworthy.”

Nnamdi Madakor, Project Hydrogeologist
Loudon County, VA

“EGGI’s overall professionalism and work efforts are unquestionable. Their services should be seriously considered by anyone who has the need for hydrogeologic work.”

James A. McSweeney, Business Manager/Superintendent
Merrimack Village District, NH

“We went through a detailed procurement process to select an experienced groundwater consultant for identifying potential well sites in Cobb County… Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. was ranked the highest of all firms and was selected to look at the entire County for us… We were very pleased with their product… I highly recommend EGGI for any groundwater exploration and development project.”

Dr. Philip R. Karr, General Manager
Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, GA

“Emery & Garrett has been contracted because of their excellent knowledge of Eastern Geology and their expertise in scientifically developing groundwater resources that take into account not only safe yields but the economics of developing the water resource… They are the type of company you can turn the project over to and sleep well at night… We are now using their expertise and we will continue to use them in all our groundwater management, exploration and development.”

Richard E. McNear, Deputy County Administrator of Planning
Board of Supervisors | Fauquier County, VA

“Your staff’s technical expertise, coupled with good old-fashioned logic and teamwork, maximized our situation by locating a well that should provide us adequate water supply for several decades. It is truly rare to have the pleasure to work with consultants that provide such a high level of professionalism.”

Rodney W. McClain, General Manager
Stoney Creek Sanitary District | Basye, VA

Partnering for Success

EGGI is proud to have partnered with hundreds of organizations like yours to successfully achieve their water supply objectives.

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“Data and research provide the underpinning for sound local water management decision-making that advances the well-being of the nation’s citizens, economy, and environment.”

- National Ground Water Association